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Bush Topics

The following pages have been written on various bush topics for the Roleystone/Karragullen area.

The articles have been researched and posted by residents of the area.

If you have something interesting in regard to the Roleystone bush, please forward your topic to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The articles above have been submitted by individuals for the community, and as a consequence the content may not be the opinion of the Webmaster. The Webmaster does not have the resources to validate the content of the published articles. Any incorrect facts should be brought the to attention of the webmaster for correction.


Title Author Hits
Wood ducks Written by Mike Green 676
Tick Pods Written by Bill Scott 1429
In pursuit of Persoonias Written by Roleybushcare 1090
Recycling and Waste Management in Roleystone Written by Roleybushcare 1209
Jarrah Written by Ian Colquhoun 3055
Zamia Written by Willy Tuten 1254
Smartphone App to record marri canker Written by Roleybushcare 1483
Native Bees Written by Bryony Fremlin 1547
Shoot Blight attacks our marri trees Written by Roleybushcare 1444
Marri Decline Written by Ian Colquhoun 8751
Marri versus Jarrah Written by Roleybushcare 6223
How old are your Jarrah and Marri trees? Written by Roleybushcare 3509
School verge is rehabilitated Written by Paul Mutton 2547
Lowering the fire hazard at Stonegate Reserve Written by Horgan, Diane 2394
Looking after your Balga Grasstrees Written by Horgan, Diane 3196
Mudballs, Microbes & Bushfire Written by Dr David Ward 3706
Primary School Education Kit Written by Horgan, Diane 2811
List of Plants found in the Roley Pool Reserve Written by Paul Mutton and Mark Allen 2885
Roleystone's Freshwater Mussels Written by Paul Mutton 3618
White-tailed Black Cockatoo Written by Ron Johnstone 12969
Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Written by Ron Johnstone 7657
Cockatoo sightings in Roleystone Written by Lee Hassan 3314
Living Smart Course Written by Horgan, Diane 3296
Cottonbush Written by Paul Mutton 6265
Wandoo Written by Paul Mutton 6779
Native Australian Water-rat Written by Paul Mutton 6278
Birds get thirsty too!! Written by Jan Dawson 3346
Snottygobble or Persoonia Written by Horgan, Diane 16434
Tenure Descriptions of Parks and Reserves Written by Diane Horgan 3328
New Aboriginal names for Regional Parks Written by Diane Horgan 9287
Brushtail Possums Written by Jan Dawson 3519
List of Roleystone Native Plants Written by Ian Colquhoun 6209
Echidnas Written by Bill Scott 6951
Millipedes Written by Bill Scott 10583
Scorpion Tailed Spider Written by Tim Lardner 11183
Milling Notes for Novices Written by Paul Mutton 8770
Frogs of Roleystone Written by Paul Mutton 4851
History of Bushfires Written by David Ward 4631
Blackberries Written by Paul Mutton 3670
Mardos Written by Paul Mutton 5830
Rats N Traps Written by Bill Scott 7161
Arum Lilies Written by Pat Hart 6531
Balga Grasstrees Written by David Ward 12435
Bandicoots Written by Chris Horgan 14756
Boneseed Weed Written by Pat Hart 5074
Introduction to Roley Pool Reserve Written by Paul Mutton 9599
Roleystone Fish Written by Paul Mutton 5838
Smoke Written by Ian Colquhoun 3532
Ticks Written by Tim Lardner 14890
Web Launch 2006 Written by Chris Horgan 2783
Native Plant Nurseries Written by Paul Mutton (modified by D.Horgan) 14608
Yarri Trees Written by Bill Scott 10326
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