Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017

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Plant survey techniques workshop in Armadale region

The Wildflower Society of Western Australia’s Plant Survey Programme (PSP) is conducting a workshop in the Armadale region on plant survey techniques for all volunteers with an interest. Participants are welcome to join the PSP in this flora/vegetation workshop under the guidance of botanists and experienced survey volunteers.

The workshop will be held on Saturday 7th October with a theoretical component in the morning at the Environmental Centre, Armadale Settlers’ Common and field component in the afternoon in Bungendore Park.


Are you interested in Geology and landforms?

Then come along to this interesting talk organized by the City of Armadale Bushcare and Environmental Working Group.


Stars over Bundendore Park

Presented by the Bungendore Park Management Committee

Leave the bright lights of the city and the luminescence of your digital devices for a short while and savour the wonders of the eternal sky at the ‘Stars over Bungendore’ astronomy evening on Friday 17th February 2017 from 7:30pm to 9.30pm.

Richard Tonello of Astronomy Education Services will start with a fascinating presentation after which he will train his telescopes on targets including the constellations of Orion, Southern Cross, Carina, Gemini and Taurus and other cosmic features such as the Great Orion Nebula, the Jewel Box Cluster, the Wishing Well Cluster and the Tarantula Nebula.

Should the weather prevent direct star gazing, an extended presentation will be provided. The event is suitable for adults and children alike.

Participants can meet at Southern Hills Christian College oval, in Admiral Road, Bedfordale, adjacent to Bungendore Park.
Cost is $5 for adults, $2 for children or $12 for a family. Tea and coffee will be available.
Bookings are essential so please text John on 0418 111 664

Talks 'n' Walks with the Wildflower Society of WA Armadale

Have a look at the many walks and talks planned by the Armadale branch in the following file.  flyer_walkstalks_2017feb.pdf.

It's easy to protect your trees from dieback disease...

Our field days provide our community with the opportunity to learn how to treat their own blocks to protect against dieback disease. If you are a local then may borrow our equipment for free if you come along and help out on a field day. It is cheaper to treat a tree than pay hundreds of dollars to remove a dead one.

A visual explanation showing how easy it is to treat your trees is on our website. There are three instructional videos produced for us by Organic Productions. Go to our website to view them here.

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