This newly updated trail brochure has combined four known walk trails in the Roley Pool Reserve in Roleystone, Western Australia.

The Roley Pool Reserve lies on both sides of the Canning River and runs from the Soldiers Road bridge through to Heritage Drive.

The new Heritage Walk Trails brochure details the following four walk trails:

  • Boardwalk Trail
    Starting on the south side of the river from Soldier Road bridge and finishing at Thompson Road

  • Nature's Spa
    Coming off the Boardwalk Trail on the south side of the river and going down to the river.

  • Roley Pools Walk Trail
    Starting from the north side of the river in the upper car park near Soldiers Road bridge and going along the north side to Roley Pool itself where the steps up the hill lead to Collins Road.

  • Heritage Walk Trail
    Starting at Thompson Road and finishing at Heritage Drive on the south side of the river.

    Appendix H Roley Pools Map Page 1

The pictures below are of the new brochure.

trails roleyheritage 1front

 trails roleyheritage 2back