Dieback can be a big problem in Roleystone gardens.

If you have dieback in your garden then the challenge is to plant seedlings of species that are resistant to dieback. If you don’t have dieback then the challenge is to ensure that you don’t introduce dieback when you plant seedlings. Now there is help available!

Murdoch University researchers have published a pamphlet. .pdf2009 Dieback Resistant Plants .

It lists some Australian garden species (including those from interstate) that there is strong evidence to show that they are resistant to the pathogen that causes dieback. This will be a bonus to gardeners who have had to take potluck in the past. These researchers have also published a list of Western Australian natives resistant to dieback: https://www.cpsm-phytophthora.org/downloads/natives_resistant.pdf and those susceptible to dieback: https://www.cpsm-phytophthora.org/downloads/natives_susceptible.pdf


Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle Small tree with silver-grey fern-like foliage & golden yellow globular flower heads NSW Field Observation
Acacia dealbata Silver Wattle Medium tree with grey fern-like foliage & bright yellow flowers in spring NSW, VIC, TAS Field Observation
Acacia decurrens Black Wattle Medium tree with fern-like foliage & profuse yellow flowers in early spring NSW Field Observation
Acacia fimbriata Fringed Wattle Small tree with small leaves and masses of yellow flowers in spring. QLD, NSW Field Observation
Acacia floribunda Gossamer Wattle Tall shrub or small tree, slightly weeping with pale yellow rod flowers in spring QLD, NSW, VIC Field Observation
Acacia mearnsii Green Wattle Medium tree with green fern-like foliage and creamy yellow flowers usually in early spring NSW, VIC, TAS Field Observation
Acacia pycnantha Golden Wattle Small tree with deep green foliage & deep golden flowers in spring  NSW, VIC, SA Field Observation
Acacia retinoides Wirilda/ Swamp Wattle Small tree with green-grey foliage, producing bright yellow flowers most of the year SA, VIC, TAS Field Observation
Acmena smithii Lilly - Pilly Medium tree with glossy leaves, white flowers & ornamental white, violet or deep violet berries NSW, NT, QLD, VIC Field Observation
Agonis flexuosa Willow Myrtle Small-medium tree of semi weeping habit. Leaves peppermint scented. Small white flowers in spring. WA Field Observation
Castenospermum australe Moreton Bay Chestnut Medium to tall tree with dark glossy foliage, bright orange & yellow flowers usually in late spring QLD, NSW Field Observation
Casuarina cunninghamii River Sheoak Medium tree, dense shady crown, suitable for windbreak or ornamental purposes QLD, NSW, NT Field Observation
Casuarina obesa Swamp Sheoak Dense robust salt resistant tree that tolerates swamp conditions WA Field Observation
Eucalyptus accedens Powderbark Wandoo Medium to tall tree with smooth light bark, blue-grey foliage & white flowers WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus botryoides Bangalay Medium to tall tree, spreading branches, rough fibrous bark, suited to well drained soils  VIC, NSW  
Corymbia calophylla Marri Medium- tall tree with dense crown, large white to pink flowers in summer WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus camaldulensis River Gum Large shady tree with mid-green foliage suitable for riverbanks & creeks QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, NT Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus cineria Argyle Apple Small-medium tree with blue-grey foliage & rough, fibrous bark NSW VIC Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus citriodora Lemon Scented Gum Tall, slender tree with white bark, lemon scented foliage and cream -white flowers QLD Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus cladocalyx Dwarf River Gum Tall, shady tree with smooth bark producing white flowers in summer SA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus conferruminata Bald Island Marlock Small bushy tree with smooth bark & large yellow flowers WA Field Observation
Eucalyptus forrestiana Fushia Gum Small tree with thick, glossy green leaves, yellow flowers & bright red seed pods WA Field Observation
Eucalyptus globulus Tasmanian Blue Gum Medium tree with smooth mottled bark, long narrow foliage & white flowers. Suited for shade purposes. TAS Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus gomphocephala Tuart Tall erect smooth barked tree with long bluish leaves WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus incrassata Ridge-Fruited Mallee Medium to tall tree with grey brown fibrous bark & cream flowers WA Field Observation
Eucalyptus kruseana Bookleaf Mallee Dwarf multi-stemmed gum with bushy head of leaves & cream flowers in autumn WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus laeliae Darling Range Ghostgum Medium to tall shrub, with small round blue-green foliage. Yellow flowers in spike-like arrangement produced in autumn WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus lansdowniana Port Lincoln Gum Medium shade tree with stark white powder bark, trunk & branches SA Field Observation
Eucalyptus lehmannii Bushy Yate Small bushy tree with large greenish-yellow flowers. Good as windbreak or as ornamental WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus leucoxylon White Ironbark Small tree or mallee with dark green leaves & white to deep purplish pink flowers in summer NSW, VIC, SA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus maculata Spotted Gum Medium to tall tree with attractive trunk & white -red flowers produced over a long period QLD, NSW, VIC Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus megacarpa  Bullich Tall Tree with dappled light coloured bark and white flowers WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus nicholii Narrow-leafed Peppermint Medium tree with smooth white bark & dense crown. Tolerant to moist swampy soils QLD, NSW. Field Observation
Eucalyptus occidentalis Swamp Yate A graceful medium to tall tree with willow-like foliage & small white flowers. Excellent for shade or ornamental purposes WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus robusta Swamp Mahogany Medium tree, with grey-green foliage & white flowers in spring QLD, NSW Glasshouse Inoculation
Eucalyptus wandoo Wandoo Tall shrub or small tree with mealy-white stems & leaves, white flowers & silvery fruits WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Hymenosporum flavum Native Frangipani Medium tree with dark glossy leaves & cream-yellow fragrant flowers in spring NSW, QLD Field Observation
Melaleuca cuticularis Saltwater Paperback Attractive small tree (4-6m), producing small white clusters of flowers on end of branchlets October- January WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Melaleuca lanceolata Rottnest Teatree Tall shrub or small tree with deep green or grey-green leaves with cylindrical spikes of white flowers during summer WA Field Observation
Melaleuca leucadendron Cadjeput Tall tree with paperbark trunk, grey-green leaves & greenish-yellow bottlebrush like flowers in the summer WA Field Observation
Melaleuca pressiana Moonash Tall shrub with white flowers preferring heavy soils WA Field Observation
Myoporum insulare Blueberry Tree Dense low spreading shrub/tree with small white flowers (July-February). Good windbreak, extremely hardy NSW, VIC, SA, WA, TAS Field Observation
Nuytsia floribunda Christmas tree Small to medium sized tree with masses of small orange flowers in summer WA Field Observation


Acacia acinacea Gold-Dust Wattle Small shrub with bright golden flowers in spring NSW, SA, VIC Field Observation
Acacia cyclops Coastal Wattle Tall & spreading shrub suited to coastal areas with pale yellow flowers in summer WA, SA Glasshouse Inoculation
Acacia drummondii Drummond’s Wattle Small to medium shrub with fern-like leaves, yellow rod flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Acacia howitti Sticky Wattle Tall shrub with dark green sticky foliage & light yellow flowers in spring VIC Field Observation
Acacia longifolia Sallow Wattle Rapidly growing shrub to 5 m. Will tolerate coastal conditions. Pale yellow flowers in long finger-like spikes occur September-November NSW, VIC, TAS, SA Field Observation
Acacia pulchella Prickly Moses Small shrub with fern-like leaves & golden yellow flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Acacia terminalis Sunshine Wattle Medium-tall shrub or tree, with fern-like foliage producing bright yellow flowers in early summer NSW, ACT, VIC TAS Field Observation
Acacia urophylla   Evergreen medium to tall shrub, distinctive foliage & cream or yellow flowers winter-spring WA Field Observation
Allocasuarina humilis Dwarf Sheoak Erect or spreading shrub; 0.2-2 m tall producing reed flowers May- November WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Astartea fascicularis   Erect shrub of small to medium size with white tea-tree like flowers over a long period WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Astartea heteranthera   Small green shrub with small heath-like leaves & pale pink flowers in winter WA Field Observation
Baeckea camphorosmae Camphor Myrtle Prostrate to scraggily or slender erect shrub; 0.2-1 m high, producing pink white flowers, May-December WA Field Observation
Baeckea linifolia Swamp Baeckea Medium shrub with narrow leaves & starry white flowers in summer NSW, QLD, VIC Field Observation
Baeckea virgata Twiggy Heath Myrtle Tall shrub with small leaves & small white flowers spring or summer VIC, NSW, QLD, NT Field Observation
Banksia robur Swamp Banksia Medium shrub with bronze green flowers in winter-spring QLD, NSW, VIC Glasshouse Inoculation
Banksia spinulosa Hill Banksia Tall shrub with narrow leaves & cones of yellow to brown flowers QLD, NSW Glasshouse Inoculation
Boronia crenulata Aniseed Boronia Small shrub with small pink to red flowers, in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Bossiaea webii Water Bush Erect shrub; 0.5-2 M high producing yellow & red flowers July-November  WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Callistemon citrinus Crimson Bottlebrush Medium to tall shrub with dark green foliage & red bottlebrush flowers NSW, VIC Field Observation
Calothamnus quadrifidus One-sided Bottlebrush Medium shrub with attractive grey-green leaves & one-sided red bottlebrush flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Calothamnus sanguineus Silky-leaved blood flower Small shrub with crowded leaves & deep red flowers WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Darwinia citriodora Lemon Scented Myrtle Small compact shrub with attractive lemon scented leaves & unusual red flowers WA Field Observation
Darwinia leiostyla   Beautiful small evergreen shrub with pendant deep pink to scarlet bell shaped flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Dodonaea viscosa Hop-Bush Medium to tall shrub with sticky green leaves & large hop-like fruits turning deep red All states Glasshouse Inoculation
Philotheca spicata (previously known as Eriostemon spicatus) Salt & Pepper Small shrub with small leaves & spikes of mauve-pink flowers, in spring WA Field Observation
Eucalyptus preissiana Bell-Fruited Mallee Medium to tall straggly shrub with thick dull green leaves producing large yellow flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Gompholobium tomentosum Yellow Pea Erect shrub; 0.3-1 m high with yellow flowers July-January WA Field Observation
Grevillea asplenfolia Fern-like Grevillea Medium shrub with rich burgundy toothbrush flowers most of the year NSW Field Observation
Grevillea banksii Bank’s Grevillea Medium-tall shrub, with grey-green fern-like leaves & deep red flowers QLD Field Observation
Grevillea Clearview David Red flowers carried on a dense bush.    
Grevillea glabella   Low shrub with narrow green pointed leaves & pink flowers NSW, VIC. Field Observation
Grevillea hookeriana Grevillea Medium to tall shrub with narrow divided leaves & red toothbrush flowers from July to April WA Field Observation
Grevillea Ivanhoe   Medium to tall shrub with pink-red toothbrush flowers in spring. - Field Observation
Grevillea lanigera Woolly Grevillea Medium shrub with narrow pointed leaves & lime green flowers NSW Field Observation
Grevillea longifolia   Medium shrub with attractive foliage and lovely red toothbrush flowers in spring NSW Field Observation
Grevillea synapheae Catkin Grevillea Small shrub with catkins of densely packed small cream flowers WA Field Observation
Hakea lissocarpha Honey Bush Erect to sprawling shrub; 0.4-1.5 m high, flowering July-October  WA. Field Observation
Hakea petiolaris Sea Urchin Hakea Tall shrub with blue-green attractive leaves & reddish pincushion flowers in late winter  WA Field Observation
Hakea salicifolia   Tall shrub or small tree with light green leaves & small white flowers QLD, NSW Field Observation
Hakea scoparia   Erect evergreen shrub, 3-4 m tall with red flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Hemiandra pungens Snake Bush Bush with red stems and masses of blue flowers from September to May WA Field Observation
Lechenaultia biloba Blue Lechenaultia Small low growing plant with fine foliage, blooms late winter to late spring with brilliant blue flowers WA Field Observation
Melaleuca armillaris Bracelet Honey Myrtle Tall spreading shrub or small tree with narrow dark green leaves & white small bottlebrush flowers QLD, NSW, VIC. Field Observation
Melaleuca decussata Cross Leafed Honey Myrtle Medium- tall shrub with small narrow leaves & small mauve-pink bottlebrush flowers in spring SA, VIC Field Observation
Melaleuca diosmifolia Scarlet Honey Myrtle Medium shrub with very handsome foliage & large green bottlebrush flowers in summer WA Field Observation
Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark Tall shrub or small tree with white paperbark trunk & white or yellow flowers NSW, VIC, TAS, QLD Field Observation
Melaleuca nesophila Mindiyed Tall shrub to small tree with papery bark, oval grey-green leaves & mauve-pink flowers in spring, WA Field Observation
Melaleuca pentagona   Medium to tall shrub with needle-like leaves & heads of bright pink flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Melaleuca pulchella Claw Flower A small shrub with small leaves & pink claw flowers in spring-summer WA Field Observation
Melaleuca spathulata   Small, compact shrub with small leaves & deep pink flowers in spring - Field Observation
Melaleuca violacea   Small shrub with small attractive leaves & violet flowers in spring WA. Field Observation
Melaleuca wilsonii Violet Honey Myrtle A low spreading shrub with narrow leaves & reddish-pink flowers in clusters along the stems VIC, SA Field Observation
Mirbelia dilatata Holly-leaved Mirbelia Medium sized shrub with prickly foliage & blue-purple flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Phyllanthus calycinus False Boronia Erect shrub; 0.2-1.2M with creamy white flowers June-January WA, SA Field Observation

Grasses, groundcovers and climbers

Angiozanthos flavidus Tall Kangaroo Paw Evergreen with reed like foliage, tall spikes of green or red flowers in summer WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Angiozanthos manglesii Mangle’s Kangaroo Paw Green reed-like foliage, tall spikes of red & green flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Angiozanthos rufus Red Kangaroo Paw Evergreen with grass-like leaves & spikes of red flowers in summer WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Conostylis aculeata Prickly Conostylis Low growing perennial with dense heads of small yellow flowers in spring-summer WA Field Observation
Gahnia radula Saw Sedge Perennial sedge VIC, TAS Field Observation
Gahnia sieberana Red Fruit Saw-hedge Native grass with black plumes with red fruit QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA Field Observation
Grevillea banksii Prostrate Grevillea Hardy small shrub with grey-green fern-like leaves producing deep red flowers over a long period  QLD  
Hardenbergia comptoniana Native Wisteria Native climber, purplish-blue pea-shaped flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Hardenbergia violacea Happy wanderer Native climber with lilac pea-shaped flowers in spring QLD Field Observation
Kennedia coccinea Coral Vine Native climber with red-pea shaped flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Kennedia prostrata Scarlet Runner Native evergreen ground creeper with scarlet pea-shaped flowers in spring WA Field Observation
Macropidia fuliginosa Black Kangaroo Paw Small kangaroo paw with spikes of black flowers in spring WA Glasshouse Inoculation
Orthrosanthus laxus Morning Iris Sky blue flowers lasting over a long period through spring WA Field Observation
Poa australis Snow Grass Compact native with attractive grey-green grass like foliage  NSW, VIC, TAS, WA Field Observation
Poa ensifornis Purple-Sheath Tussock Grass Native grass with thin strap-like leaves flowering January NSW, VIC, ACT Field Observation
Poa poiformis Coastal Poa Native grass enjoys sandy coastal environments TAS, NSW, WA, VIC, SA. Field Observation

Table Courtesy of Dr Michael McCall, NGIWA, Horticulture Australia, Murdoch University, Domas Nursery, Lullfitz Nursery, Zanthorrea Nursery