Dieback is a disease that kills our native plants. To be more precise, it is a soil borne pathogen called Phytophthora cinnamomi. (pronounced Fy-tof-thora) It was first realised in Roleystone and surrounding areas when the Jarrah trees were seen to be dying.  

Dieback has been introduced into Australia and is now recognised as a serious threat to our native flora. Volunteers are required to take on the enormous task of treating as many trees as possible in an attempt to save the local bushland. 

We now know what causes it, how it is spread and what to do to help protect our plants. So it's time to go on the offensive, but we need your help by joining the group and participating in field days. 

Field days to fight Dieback

We have fields days approximately once a month in Spring, Summer and Autumn to treat the bushland and protect it against Phytophthora Dieback.

For field day dates:

  • Check the Roleybushcare homepage in our "events" on our website.
  • Check the Roleybushcare notice board at the Roleystone Shopping Centre.
  • Check our two local newspapers. (Roleystone Courier and the Valley Reporter)

The field days are open to anyone who would like to help. Members of Roleybushcare will teach newcomers how to treat their own bushland.

Morning tea is provided.   


Follow the links below for more information on how to stop dieback