Friday, 27 Feb 2015

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New brochure is now available - Canning River Interpretive Trail.

This trail is located between Soldiers Road and winds alongside the Canning River ending at Thompson Road. It is a peaceful place in which you will be able to appreciate the tranquil bushland along this part of the river. We hope to encourage you to take time to appreciate the flora, fauna and landscape of this area and to observe remnants of local history. The trail has numbered marker posts which when used with the brochure will prompt you to better observe points of interest. Please continue to expand your knowledge by going to our website where you will find extra information in the Canning River Interpretive Trail webpage.

Brochures can be found at the Roleystone Family Centre and the Roleystone Hardware store. 


Tim Lardner talks to James Wray on our local radio

Our Secretary Tim Lardner was interviewed on our local radio station 107.3fm by James Wray the presenter for "In Your Neighbourhood".  James contacted us after hearing about our recent success at the National Landcare Awards. If you have the time to listen to Tim's 15 minute interview then please click on the following link. Radio talk with Tim Lardner

Roleybushcare wins National Landcare Award

Hi everyone,

Exciting news. Roleybushcare was a finalist in the 2014 National Landcare Awards that was held in Melbourne. We won the "Qantas Landcare Innovative Community Group" award.  Jo Roshkov,  one of our volunteers, represented us and sent an early message to let us know that we had won. Jo gave a thank you speech for Roleybushcare in front of almost 800 people. Roleybushcare feels so honoured to have been chosen amongst so many well deserving groups.  Well done volunteers. Click here to view Landcare Australia's media release.


Cotton Bush Blitz was a great success

Thank you to everyone who came along to help. Cotton Bush was pulled out or snipped and poisoned by a hard working group last Sunday. We were working alongside the Canning River. Dan Walker from the City of Armadale organised us and was very pleased with the amount we cleared. We were treated to a pancake morning tea by the Lions Club.


New propagation project starts

Re-establishing local plants in degraded forest in Roleystone has always been a major aim of Roleybushcare. However, many of these species are not available from nurseries. So, Roleybushcare has decided to propagate many of these plants.

The Bassendean Preservation Group is a conservation community group that already grows its own plants in a 'Gro-Centre' in Ascot. This group kindly invited Roleybushcare to use their Centre to propagate plants from cuttings. Roleybushcare jumped at this opportunity and eight members spent a morning potting up cuttings of five local species. The final count was 562 plants. Roleybushcare now intends to set up its own propagation centre. In July it received a grant of $5000 from SGIO to purchase the equipment needed for propagation.

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