Saturday, 18 Aug 2018

Glebe Reserve

Location: Glebe Road, Roleystone                                                                                                                                           
Reserve No:  
Assessment No: 182696
Dieback treatment                                                                     
Jul 1995  
20 Sept 2009 All trees injected
Nov 2009 All of reserve sprayed by Dieback Treatment Services
10 Oct 2013  All trees injected




Planting:  None known
Sign: yes

Next to large privately-owned property with beautiful bushland which is zoned urban.

Below: Submitted by D. Ward Aug 2009
From Hall Road, it is only a short step to the end of Glebe Road, where there is a small reserve, about half an acre. Those attending St. Christopher's Church can stroll there after the service. Be careful not to trespass on the large private property to the north side.
If that private property is, eventually, subdivided for housing, then little Glebe Reserve will be isolated, and will lose much of its conservation value. Subdivision is a matter for the owner, so we can only speculate on the final outcome.






This map was supplied by the Environmental Officer from the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below:
Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track
Dashed red line - firebreak needs installation







































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