This park is part of the Darling Range Regional Parks and was  formerly known as Kelmscott-Martin Regional Park.

This is a large park. You will find this park over near Canning Mills Road, (goes down to Kelmscott)  behind Canning Mills Reserve, it crosses Canning Mills Road and reaches across at the bottom of Coventry Road. If you are travelling down Urch Road, the hills on the far side are in this park . It also reaches down behind Contour Road. Maps are coming soon. Park of the old Contour Channel goes through the bottom of the Park starting near the end of Contour Road.

BANYOWLA REGIONAL PARK (formerly Kelmscott-Martin Regional Park) (pronounced ban-yow-la)

Banyowla was a Nyoongar elder at the time of European settlement. The territory marked by a line from Mangles Bay to the Darling Range was the land of the group headed by Banyowla. This area was said to extend south of the Beeliar district and included the banks of the Murray River.

Banyowla's people in Pinjarra were closely related and shared cultural links with the Beelu people moving between areas to celebrate festivals.

The history of Banyowla's people is linked with the name of Ellis, a soldier recognised by the naming of Ellis Brook in the Martin area. Ellis was involved in the Pinjarra battle.

The following reserves are in Banyowla Regional Park:
• Ellis Brook Valley
• Hardinge Park (City of Gosnells)
• Hillside Farm (City of Gosnells)
• Lloyd Hughes Park (City of Armadale)

Ref: DEC website.