Location Stonegate Road
Assessment No. 182777
Reserve No. 39812
Dieback Treatment

9 Nov 1997-inject all Banksias & 1/3 Jarrahs.
14 Dec 1997-finished injecting Jarrahs & sprayed all the Reserve.
20 Nov 2005-Jarrahs treated.
19 Feb 2012-All Jarrahs, Banksias, Persoonias injected.
9 Oct 2016


14 Sep 1997-clear rubbish
21 Jun 1998-clear rubbish & plant seedlings
11 Jul 1999-weed & plant seedlings
10 Jun 2001-plant seedlings
7 Jul 2002-plant seedlings
13 Jul 2003-plant seedlings (part of National Tree Day)
11 Jul 2004-plant seedlings (part of National Tree Day)
15 May 2005-plant seedlings
18 Jun 2006-plant seedlings
17 Jun 2007-plant seedlings
1 Jun 2008-plant seedlings
9 Aug 2009-National Tree Day-plant seedlings
8 Aug 2010-National Tree Day-planted 1000 seedlings
7 Aug 2011-National Tree Day-planted 1300 seedlings
9 Oct 2011-Reserve cleared of dead scrub to lower the fire hazard.
5 Aug 2012-National Tree Day-planted 1000 seedlings.
4 Aug 2013-National Tree Day-planted seedlings, weeding and rubbish removal.

Burn approx 1994 (local residents estimate)
Council checked the Reserve in 2011 and found the fuel load acceptable.
History This Reserve was part of a larger property. There is a pad down the right side of the Reserve where the old house stood. Remnants of old crockery have can sometimes be found there.  Also near the front on Stonegate Road, there is a cement slab which covers an old well.

Roleybushcare has worked for many years in Stonegate Reserve. In 2002 there was a possibility that the Reserve would be sold but after consultation with us this did not happen. Roleybushcare (alias the Roleystone Dieback Action Group) worked with the Reserve's neighbouring residents. Dieback Treatment is carried out on the Reserve. This is a chore undertaken every 4 to 5 years in spring or summer. The Friends of Stonegate Reserve worked hard to remove the many Lucerne trees and introduced plants. they also removed masses of rubbish. We plant seedlings in the winter. Our main problem is to combat the weeds. A group of concerned locals under the supervision of the Reserve Custodian are spending time combating this problem. If you would like to help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and register your interest.
2013 - City of Armadale's Bush Crew now work in the Reserve. Roleybushcare liases with them.

Custodian yes



map stonegate


stonegate 2002 clean up 1 SmallRoleybushcare was alerted that this reserve might be sold off so we worked with neighbours who were quite concerned about losing it.

The volunteers first started cleaning up this reserve in 2002. The reserve was filled with Lucerne trees and some exotic trees. These were removed and mulched. There was quite a lot of rubbish including an old car body. All were removed. After cleaning up the mess everyone was pleasantly surprised to see what a little gem we had here.

The front of the Reserve was very bare when we first started working here and the ground was covered in weeds. Over many years the area has been planted with seedlings native to this area and the ground in between was covered with mulch.  Slowly the seedlings have grown and now the front looks wonderful. We continue to fill in the bare areas each winter with new plants.

The middle of the Reserve needs lots of work removing weeds and replanting.

The very back of the Reserve is quite good because there is more denser vegetation and not as many weeds. Our efforts here are to keep introduced weeds at bay. Now that we have the City of Armadale's Bush Crew working in all our reserves we have found the task easier.





stonegate 2002 clean up 3 Smallstonegate 2002 clean up 5 Small


stonegate 82005-Weeds out of control this year so more work needed. stonegate 7All seedlings planted are local species sourced from an accredited nursery.

 stonegate 92009 - Starting to make progress. Weeds are down and seedlings are starting to survive.

stonegate 5Neighbours help out.













 stonegate 13Ian and Jamie Colquhoun.stonegate 10One of our lovely local families helping out.










stonegate 11Willis Family who are wonderful neighbours of the Reserve.






stonegate 42012 fire made us all aware of the important of fuel loads in the Reserve so in October of that year, Roleybushcare was approached by some of the neighbouring families with their concerns. We all decided to clear most of the dead shrubs in the Reserve to lower the fire hazard.

This was done with the approval of the City's Environment Officer who also arranged for the huge pile of wood to be removed by the City of Armadale.

The Reserve looked great and everyone was happy.