Location: Bettenay Road and Sefton Road
Assessment Number:


Dieback Treatment:

17 Nov 2002-injecting
 Nov 2002-injected Jarrah & Banksias
15 Jan 2006

17 Feb 2013 All trees injected
9 Dec  2018 All trees injected


 Rubbish removed with dead shrubs to lower fire hazard.

Fire Burn:  
Comments: This Reserve has a narrow block on the left-hand side which seems to be included in the Reserve. The Council is looking into correcting the map. It is part of Bettenay Reserve. You can access Winstanley Reserve by a pathway which passes through the small Reserve on Sefton road.
History: The Reserve is named after a well-known local family.


bettenay_1 map_bettenay




This map was supplied by the Environmental Officer from the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below:
Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track
Dashed red line - firebreak needs installation