Location: North end bordered by Kurrajong Street, and Orchid Drive and south end Orana Way.
Old Reserve Number: 31140
Dieback Treatment:          10 Dec 2006
10 April 2016 Jarrahs treated
Planting: Small amount of seedlings were planted in Jul 2007
Dieback Resistant Jarrahs were planted here in 2007

Good vegetation can be found up near Kurrajong Street. Many Persoonias. The Reserve is very bare near Orana Way and populated with lemon scented gums that don't belong in this area. They are seeding constantly.

There was a pathway through the reserve but this has grown over. This used to give good access from Orana Way up through to Kurrajong Road allowing a route to Borello Park. Also this path was used to go to Roleystone Community College along Northward Rd. An easy route though the laneway link to Jacaranda Court can take you to the Roleystone Shops.

New fire breaks have been made up through the reserve in 2016 so these can be used instead of the old overgrown path.

Custodian Yes




kurrajong_1These seedlings came from the nursery at Alcoa
where a program was created to supply dieback restistant Jarrah.



kurrajong_3Ian Colquhoun planting the dieback resistant Jarrahs
kurrajong_4Kathy and Jan planting seedlings near Orana Way