Location: Westborne Road
Assessment No: 183157
Dieback Treatment:

11 Dec 1994
20 Oct 1996-Dieback Season Launch-injecting
10 Feb 2002-injecting/spraying
 Mar 2002-injecting/spraying
 Apr 2002-injectin/spraying all jarrahs & banksias
16 Sep 2007
18 Mar 2012 Injected most of the trees in the Reserve but the laneway was not done so we will come back.
23 Sep 2012 All Jarrahs, Persoonias and Banksias injected in the "yellow strip" down between the blocks of land and the strip leading to Valley View Road.
12.02.2017 and 12.03.2017 All susceptible trees in the reserve were treated

Revegetation: 11 Aug 1996-weeding & clear rubbish
27 Jun 1999-weeding & plant seedlings
Jul 2015-weeding and planting seedlings
Comments: Part of the Reserve is a grassy parkland with a playground. Good bushland is on the side on Westborne Road and also behind the house lots. A laneway (unmade and unmarked road) called Cassia Street comes off Valley View Road into this area as well. This laneway is very hard to find. There is also a clearly marked pathway from the back of the Reserve to Valley View Road.
History: This Reserve was named after a local identity.


map linahart 1


The  map above was provided by the Environmental Officer at the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below: 

Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track
Dashed red line - firebreak needs installation



lina_hart_2 The bushland area of the Park.