Access off Peat Road (entry is almost opposite the western entry to Hall Road. Hard to see entry, there is a gate which is always open.
Assessment Number: 182448
Reserve Number: 30231
Dieback Treatment:

13 Apr 2003
20 Mar 2011 - all jarrahs, sheoaks, banksias, personias.
11 Oct 2015 - all jarrahs, sheoaks, banksias, personias.
13.11.2017 - along tracks only

Planting: planted once, don't know date yet
Comments: Beautiful vegetation, very isolated position in the past. A gravel road has being constructed which will give access to this Reserve.
Custodian yes


peetroad sign

This Reserve has only recently been named. (2010). It used to be known as Birtwistle Reserve. The access road comes off Peet Road opposite Hall Road. It is a gravel track which leads down to the Reserve which sloops down fairly steeply. The vegetation is quiet dense at this time and hopefully it will stay that way.

A property alongside the Reserve was subdivided but has not yet been built on. We hope that any development executed on the privately owned blocks of land, will not impeach onto this lovely bushland Reserve.



map unnamed alias hideaway

map 30231

The map above was supplied by the Environmental Officer from the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below:
Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track