Location: Windsor Avenue and Leschenaultia Street
Reserve No: 30100
Assessment Number: 182335
Dieback Treatment:

14 Jan 1996
11 Feb 1996
10 Nov 1996-injected jarrahs
14 Nov 1999-inject trees
12 Dec 1999-inject trees and spray
Nov 01
14 Jan 2007
18 Dec 2009-injected trees
14 Feb 2016-injected all susceptible trees


15 Sep 1996-remove weeds
18 May 1997-plant seedlings
15 Jun 1997-plant seedlings
19 Sep 1999-plant seedlings
12 Jun 2011-plant seedlings and clean rubbish
7 Oct 2011 weeding by EcoJobs supervised by Custodian.
8 Jul 2012-planted seedlings, weeding and rubbish removal.
7 Jul 2013-planted seedlings, weeding and rubbish removal.


A weed called vetch is a problem. Volunteers willing to work with the Custodian should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Custodian PJ Waddell




This map was supplied by the Environmental Officer from the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below:
Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track