Location: Laneway off Chevin Road (nearer to the tip)
Assessment No: 153683
Dieback Treatment:

16 Apr 2002-injecting
7 May 2002-injecting
13 Mar 2005-Banksias & Jarrahs in dieback area plus small area along the same track but nearer the firebreak
17 Jan 2010-Banksias & Persoonias treated in selected area.
14 Feb 2010-Banksias & Persoonias treated in selected area.
7 Nov 2010
Nov, Dec 2015- all susceptible trees in two sections treated.
Feb 2016-all susceptible trees in one section treated.
11 Feb 2018, 11 Mar 2018, 8 Apr 2018

Revegetation: Not needed.
Comments: This reserve is a beautiful ten hectares of jarrah-marri forest, donated to the council by the King Family. It is a battle-axe block, south of the green waste tip, with access through a narrow lane from Chevin Road

Djiridji (zamias) are flourishing, the males now carrying shrivelled tassels (their task is done), and the females fat and fecund, with red byoo nuts to come in autumn. In long unburnt neighbouring blocks, the djiridji look discoloured and sick, and are not reproducing. A quick count of the number of fronds gave a median of 5 for the unburnt bush, and 19 for the area burnt last year. The frond count increases for three to four years after fire, then declines as the plants run out of nutrient. Other plants benefit from the nitrogen fixed by djiridji. The jarrah crowns in the burnt area look greener and denser than in the unburnt, and I fancy it was cooler and shadier.

Comments by D. Ward (Feb 2010)

History: This Reserve was donated to the City of Armadale by the King family.
Custodian yes






The map above was supplied by the Environmental Officer from the City of Armadale.

The key to the maps are as below:
Red line - firebreak
Yellow line - walking track
Dashed red line - firebreak needs installation