Location: Canning Mills Road, Turner Road
Assessment No:  

Dieback Treatment:

9 Sep 2001-injecting
14 Oct 2001-injecting
18 Nov 2001-injecting
8 Dec 2002-injecting
16 Mar 2003
21 Sep 2003
12 Oct 2003
22 Feb 2009
22 Mar 2009
19 Apr 2009
9 Feb 2020-injecting

Revegetation: 18 Nov 2001-weeding
Comments: A group of large Reserves, has at least two entries with carparking. The Reserves slope down the scarp at the back. Very beautiful. You can see the city of Perth in the distance.
A group of very concerned people worked very hard to clear this Reserve of huge amounts of rubbish. This is an ongoing problem as people still continue to dump rubbish here.
Beautiful groups of Kingia Australis can be found here and also many Nuytsia Floribunda.
Custodian: There are two custodians for this Reserve.


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