arumlily_plantIn the Perth metropolitan area Arum Lilies have invaded many waterways and wetlands, requiring massive effort by the community and private landholders to clear them.
In Roleystone they can be found in numerous sites along the Canning River, and in particular, there is a major outbreak in a section on Croyden Road about 1.4km down from Brookton Highway. They are also established along the Canning/Wungong and Southern Rivers and in most of our wetlands.

Once the arum lilies move in they take over the area, smothering other vegetation. It is expensive and difficult to remove them once they become established.  

From the 1st September 2006 it will be illegal to sell Arum Lilly plants in Western Australia. Movement of Arum Lilly plants or their seeds is also prohibited.
The ban applies to trading or selling of all plants from nurseries and retail outlets as well as weekend markets and other casual outlets such as fetes.

The ban was previously in the South West but has now encompassed the whole of Western Australia

Sale of the flowers is still allowed as by cutting of the flower reduces the plants seed production and presented a smaller risk of spreading.






 arumlily closeup


Further Information:

  • Department of Agriculture Farm Note. pdfarumlilycha.pdf
  • Visit the Department of Agriculture site for further information such as weed control.