Searching for a Snottygobble Solution (Pursuit of Persoonias in pantyhose)

Snottygobble trees are well-loved small trees that are widespread in and around Roleystone and arragullen. Unfortunately, many are dying and they are not being replaced naturally.

Roleybushcare is very keen to replace them but Snottygobbles cannot be bought from nurseries. The seeds are extremely difficult to germinate. However, research by Kings Park and Alcoa suggests that the fruit need to be 'aged' in soil before they will germinate. Roleybushcare is now carrying out its own experiments - as seen below:

persoonia propagation Collecting snottygobble fruit from below a mature tree - there are new and 1 year old fruit below two trees.  persoonia seedsWe collected kilos of fruit - the fruit were counted and split between old and new fruit, and tree1 and tree2
persoonias collection 1persoonias collection 2persoonias collection 3persoonias collection 4
 persoonia longifolia fruitFruit of Persoonia longifolia - round fruit  persoonia elliptica fruitFruit of Persoonia eliptica - oval fruit
persoonia fillingPreparing the trays  
persoonia covering fruitPlacing older fruit in trays persoonia placing in fruitPlacing fresh green fruit in trays
persoonia firmingFirming down the river sand mix  
 persoonia finished tray300 fuit was buried in trays of river sand  persoonia ground fruitThere was a mix of green fresh fruit and older black fruit
 persoonia stocking seedsExcess fruit were placed in pantyhose and will be buried in members' gardens. These will be dug up after 12 months and placed in river sand.

Now we wait to see if the fruit will germinate...but we need to be patient - could be 1,2 or 3 years.

When they germinate the Snottygobble seedlings will be re-established in our local bushland reserves.