A coalition of groups including the Urban Bushland Council of WA has been working hard to try to stop the clearing of cockatoo habitat; that is their bushland, heathlands, wetlands and forest. A website has been created to help.

The Website was launched last Tuesday by Glenn Dewhurst, the Director of the Cockatoo Rescue Centre. It has an online petition which we are asking you to sign. It will be sent to the WA Premier, Colin Barnett and to the Federal Minister for the Environment Tony Burke. Our cockatoos are in crisis and numbers have been declining when compared with a big survey done in 2006.

We want as many people as possible to sign it so please circulate it to your groups and contacts. The site also has the facility to use facebook, twitter and invite a friends option.

Please have a look at the site and take action. http://cockatoosneedyou.org.au

Submitted by the Urban Bushland Council WA (Inc.)