Phytophthora Dieback - Please write letters to the editor.

The Phytophthora issue on the south coast has got a whole page in the West (23rd March). This is great news and the result of lots of work from Joanna Young and many others. It is important that key areas of the south-west such as the Fitzgerald National Park are protected and conserved. The walk track in the Fitz actually represents for example a real risk of P. cinnamomi spreading.

It is now really important that lots of letters are sent to the Editor of the West to ensure that more on Phytophthora dieback gets published. Without letters the editor will not publish more, he needs to see and believe there is community concern.. The editor needs to see this is an issue. This in turn will make the Minister aware of WIDE COMMUNITY CONCERN and hopefully help with more dollars into research and management.

See Tourist walk blasted over dieback concern and Locals design weapon to beat invader

So please write letters to the editor and also I believe it is possible to ‘Tweet' the West as well.

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