The following article lists information on the project and ideas on how to help.

Thank you for your interest and support for the Corymbia/ marri decline research proposal. Since our last email, we received some wonderful letters of support and some additional financial support.

Update - decision to apply for funding in November 2011

Since you last heard from us, the core team in consultation with some project partners, made the hard decision to delay the grant application by 6 months.

We had a choice between scaling down the project or allowing the time that several potential project partners needed to consider the project or for their budget approvals. It was a hard decision, but we eventually agreed that the project would be better fully funded and ‘as designed'.

Work has started!

Dr George Matusick has started work on the project already and is developing effective techniques, including culturing fungus and collection devices for insects.

How individuals can get involved

• Sign up for the Forest Blog ... take a picture of your marri tree and post it up!
• Talk about this issue with your friends and neighbours.
• Speak with your local politicians and land managers - so that they're ready to implement trials or new management concepts. Business as usual is not working!



ARC application in ~November for the next round.

We'll keep you posted with significant new partners, both in-kind and financial, events and new research steps.

Thank you

Annora Longhurst
Projects and Communication
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