On Sunday May 16th 2011, regular members of the Group and their families were treated to a spit-roast at the local Family Centre.

The photo below was taken by Ian with his new camera. Great fun. As you can see we tried to get as many "yellow shirters" in the picture. Unfortunately,
some of the crew were unable to make it on the day. We had 59 people turn up last Sunday. Regular volunteers with their partners and family.
Lots of babies as usual.


This day is always a great time for members people to meet up and compare notes as volunteers help out in different ways and don't always meet up at field days. Sometimes, we gain an extra helper when a partner realizes that we are enjoying ourselves while helping in the bush.
We have people scrap-booking our media coverage, writing articles for the local magasines and working on the website.
People keeping our finances in order, keeping meeting notes, looking after equipment, cleaning and picking up syringes after field days, cooking cakes and making tea.
All sorts of volunteers who all make "Roleybushcare" happen.


Here we are feeding our faces while Faye and Kathy are preparing our sweets.