The WA Boneseed Blitz- eradicating an unwanted weed!

Finding and eradicating boneseed, a noxious weed, is the aim of community groups and land managers, who are joining together for the annual Western Australian Boneseed Blitz Sept 2nd - 12thh. Spring is the ideal time to target boneseed, as it produces masses of bright yellow flowers.

Boneseed is a Weed of National Significance that invades vast areas of native bushland in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. It is a fast growing, aggressive plant that threatens the survival of native plants, degrades native bushland and displaces food plants of native animals. Boneseed is a serious threat to Western Australia's unique biodiversity, and the entire southwest region is susceptible to boneseed invasion.

Fortunately, diligent search and control efforts have stopped boneseed in the early stages of invasion in WA. Only 37 small infestations are known to exist and they are all under eradication. However there is a chance that undiscovered boneseed plants may still be hiding in backyards or native bushland.

Small infestations are under eradication in: Perth Hills, Upper Swan, Toodyay, Armadale, Boddington, Wandering, Narrogin, Woodanilling, Albany, Many Peaks and Busselton. All infestations were caused by seeds escaping from residential gardens, as boneseed fruits are spread quickly by birds and other animals. The goal of the Boneseed Blitz is to find and eradicate new infestations in WA. You can help with the eradication program by reporting any suspected boneseed plants in your region.

Everyone is advised to be on the lookout for the bright yellow 'daisy' flowers of boneseed that appear on plants between August and October. Please report potential boneseed sightings to the DAFWA Pest Info line on 1800-084-881. More photos and descriptions of boneseed are available at

For more information, please contact Luke McMillan, State Boneseed & Bitou Bush Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0466-744-960 or 9424-2217