David Ward has started his programme trimming Balgas (Grasstrees).

An experimental session was held last Saturday with Peter Blaney-Murphy. They used a hedge clipper to lower the dead hatch on the Balgas. This was was then placed on top of Zamias. The plan is to burn the hatch which will improve the health of the Zamias by stimulating nitrogen fixation and fruiting.

100 grasstrees were clipped from around the perimeter of Hillandale (some may be in Eskdale Reserve, but the boundary is unclear),

David's project will improve the health of the Balgas and Zamias and reduce the fire hazard around the Retirement Village.

balgatrimming 2 Peter is using the hedge trimmer to remove the dead hatch.
balgatrimming 3 David is placing the dead hatch on top of a neighbouring Zamia. The hatch will be burnt eventually and help improve the health of that plant.