Roleybushcare allocated funds to employ Ecojobs Environmental Personnel to complete weeding tasks at two of our local Reserves.

Ecojobs is a project of Green Skills Inc. Ecojobs has a recruitment program targeting environmentally aware university and TAFE students studying Natural Resource Management who are actively seeking entry into the state's environmental workforce. Its aims are to capacity build the state's environmental workforce to meet the continuing needs of the environmental sector and provide knowledgeable, dedicated young environmentally-focused people with well-paid temporary employment and pathways to full-time career opportunities in the sector.

They are based at Murdoch University, Environmental Technology Centre. Please have a look at their website for more information. click here

Two members of Roleybushcare, Jan Dawson and PJ Waddell organised two field days. Jan guided a team of 5 in Hall Road Bushland Reserve in September. The team worked for 5 hours and cleared a substantial patch. Our Council  removed the weeds for us.

PJ organised a group of five workers at Windsor Road on October 7th. Weeding again was the job.

We are trialling these projects as a means of furthering the maintenance of Reserves.