Roleybushcare Gets Dieback update

Twelve members of Roleybushcare attended the annual Dieback Information Group conference in Kalamunda.

Ian Colquhoun, the Chair of Roleybushcare said 'this was a great opportunity to get an update on new dieback research and to also find out more about dieback management in other parts of the State and also the country'

A presentation from a Murdoch University post graduate student showed that the dieback organism (Phytophthora cinnamomi) is able to survive in the roots of tiny annual plants and also produce 4 different ways of reproducing in these small roots.

The Plant Pathology Professor at Murdoch University, Giles Hardy, told the 220 strong audience that these findings will result in the re-writing of text books to include this new information on an organism that is present on all continents of the world apart from Antarctica.

The audience was also told about the dieback organism being present in many areas of the Blue Mountains near Sydney – but it is killing very few plants.

The Roleybushcare members agreed that it was an informative conference but also an enjoyable one because they were able to mix with many like-minded environmental enthusiasts.

Kim Sarti kindly prepared a précis of the topics discussed at the conference.pdfClick here here to view.

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Left to right: Willy Tuten, Sue Radford, Cam Clay, Diane Horgan, Ian Colquhoun, John Meharry, Patrick Nykiel, Jo Roshkov, Tim Lardner, Sue Barker. (Adrian Barrett missing with Chris Horgan who took the photo.)