The Friends of Forrestdale are asking for your help with a submission about the proposed extension of Keane Road Forrestdale. The Friends of Forrestdale was formed in April 1990 following a recommendation in the Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve Management Plan. Since that time, the group has played an active role assisting the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in the care and management of the Bush Forever sites and conservation reserves in the Forrestdale area. These bushland and wetland sites include Anstey-Keane damplands, Piara Nature Reserve and Gibbs Road Swamp – all within the Jandakot Regional Park – and  Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.

The ever-increasing housing and industrial development in the Perth region continues to impact native bushland and wetland habitats. The Forrestdale area is undergoing housing development, and the subsequent loss of natural ecosystems makes the few remaining areas all the more significant. This development includes the proposed extension of Keane Road through the Anstey-Keane damplands. Please read the following from the Friends of Forrestdale.


Hi all,

The Public Environmental Review (PER) document (prepared by the proponent) for the proposed extension of Keane Road (referred to as the Keane Road Strategic Link) is now available for public comment. The PER is also available for download from the proponent’s website at

This document is available for public review for 8 weeks and commenced on Monday 9 December 2013. The closing date for submissions is Monday, 3 February 2014.

 The EPA prefers submissions to be made electronically on its consultation hub at

Submissions may also be:

        Posted to: Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority, Locked Bag 10, East Perth WA 6892

        Delivered to: The Environmental Protection Authority, Level 4, The Atrium, 168 St George’s Tce, PERTH                  

        WA 6000, Attention: Ms Amy Sgherza

All submissions received by the EPA will be acknowledged. Electronic submissions will be acknowledged electronically. The proponent will be required to provide adequate responses to points raised in submissions. In preparing its assessment report for the Minister for Environment, the EPA will consider the information in submissions, the proponent’s responses and other relevant information. Submissions will be treated as public documents unless provided and received in confidence subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1992, and may be quoted in full or in part in each report.

The OEPA contact officer for this project is Amy Sgherza whose direct number is (08) 6145 0818.

Click here to view the Friends of Forrestdale's suggested points on making a detailed submission.

The Friends of Forrestdale website is Friends of Forrestdale