The photos below are some of those that DPaW took recently of a colony of birds on Lake Ballard near Menzies. This lake is normally dry but the birds have flown from South Australia to take advantage of the good season. The photos may be of interest to any bird watchers in our group.

Many thanks to Reece Pedler who took these amazing photos and agreed to allow us to share them with Roleybushcare volunteers.

 LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedler s


LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedler2Several birds with partial breast band observed mating.
 LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedler~10% of the nesting stilts had partial breastbands  LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedle5r
 LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedler7 LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedler 6Most clutches were completed or nearly so on 6th and 7th Feb, although evidence of some birds still laying
 LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedle5r  LakeBallardStiltNEstingColonyPics140208 RPedle9r