Re-establishing local plants in degraded forest in Roleystone has always been a major aim of Roleybushcare. However, many of these species are not available from nurseries. So, Roleybushcare has decided to propagate many of these plants.

The Bassendean Preservation Group is a conservation community group that already grows its own plants in a 'Gro-Centre' in Ascot. This group kindly invited Roleybushcare to use their Centre to propagate plants from cuttings. Roleybushcare jumped at this opportunity and eight members spent a morning potting up cuttings of five local species. The final count was 562 plants. Roleybushcare now intends to set up its own propagation centre. In July it received a grant of $5000 from SGIO to purchase the equipment needed for propagation.

grocentre 1Mekaela and Jan planting

grocentre 2 Medium550 plants started






Ian checking the progress of the plants a few weeks later. Only a few died, the rest have survived beautifully and even put out some new tips. Good result so far.

 propagation grocentre 1  propagation grocentre 3