This trail is located between Soldiers Road and winds alongside the Canning River ending at Thompson Road. It is a peaceful place in which you will be able to appreciate the tranquil bushland along this part of the river. We hope to encourage you to take time to appreciate the flora, fauna and landscape of this area and to observe remnants of local history. The trail has numbered marker posts which when used with the brochure will prompt you to better observe points of interest. Please continue to expand your knowledge by going to our website where you will find extra information in the Canning River Interpretive Trail webpage.

Brochures can be found at the Roleystone Family Centre and the Roleystone Hardware store. 


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We have created a new section on our website to capture any interesting walking trails in our local area. It is called Bush Trails and can be found on our homepage. New walking trails will be added over time. Roleybushcare welcomes any community knowledge about more walking tracks.

All trails are to be used at your own risk.

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