The AGM was held on 16 July 2018 and Tim Lardner as chair provided his report of Roleybushcare's activities in 2017/18.

Tim Lardner said 2017/2018 had been another good year. Our plant propagation activity has taken on a life of its own and there has been much learning to improve our plant propagation techniques. Tim said he was proud of the team’s activities and gave a big thank you to all of those involved.

Out main dieback treatment effort had been in completing Sylvania Park reserve this year which had been a big effort. The north-west corner, the source of encroachment of dieback, had been fully treated.

Dieback prevention activities are proceeding well and had now become better integrated with the City of Armadale, with their three-year cycle slotting into our six-year cycle of dieback treatment. The City for the first time had provided funding for the purchase of new injectors, enabling Roleybushcare, with a contribution from our own funds, to buy 200 new injectors. Tim said he wants to see a rolling program of replacement by painting new injectors with a different colour each year. This would also enable us to gauge how long injectors were lasting.

Tim thought the volunteers’ dinner had been very good as had our plant sale. However, the sale had not been as successful as last year so we were having a mini-sale in July to clear the remaining plants.

Tim said we had spent more this year compared to last year but this was partly attributable to the need to buy new tyres and bearings for the trailer, which had not been budgeted for.

The committee was re-elected as follows:

Chair: Tim Lardner

Vice-chair: Paul Mutton

Treasurer: Adam Sbrana

Secretary: Ian Hafekost

Volunteer co-ordinator: Diane Horgan

The meeting thanked the members for their hard work over the previous year and congratulated them on their re-election.