Our August field day was spent on a glorious and sunny Sunday revegetating the Hall Road Bushland reserve.  

A good turnout of 22 volunteers spent the morning planting and weeding in the reserve. Altogether 87 plants grown from seeds collected in Roleystone by the Roleybushcare propagation group were planted in the Hall Rd Reserve on Sunday 12th August. These included 24 macrozamia riedlei, 14 banksia grandis, 5 clematis pubescens, 5 Lomandra sp, 9 Xanthorrea preissii, 2 Xanthorrea gracilis, 5 Tetrarrhena laevis, 5 Trichocline spathulate, 2 dianella revolute, 11 Rytidosperma sp (previously Austrodanthonia)  and 5 Burchardia congesta. In addition, plants donated by the City of Armadale were planted.

With the end of the winter rains soon upon us, it will be time to think about injecting trees on your own block if they have not been treated for five or more years. You can buy phosphite and hire injecting kits from Roleystone Hardware.

If you are new to dieback treatment then come along to one of our field days and find out how it works. Volunteers are always welcome and once you know the ropes you can borrow Roleybushcare’s equipment to inject your own jarrah and banksia trees.

Roleybushcare’s next field day will be on Sunday 9 September when we will be injecting trees against dieback in the Winstanley reserve in Roleystone.

The picture below shows Willy Tuten with xamia plants gronw from seed.

 Willy Tuten with xamia plants grown from seed