As Roleybushcare starts a new year, it is an opportune moment to recognise the great work of our volunteers. Last year, 74 individual volunteers gave 2,453 hours of their time to various tasks, the main one of course being the stem-injecting of trees against jarrah dieback.

The Roleybushcare propagation team also spent hours collecting seeds from reserves, propagating the seeds, planting out the resulting plants as well as others into reserves, weeding and watering the plants.

Additional volunteer hours were spent carrying out flora surveys of the local reserves and updating and maintaining the Roleybushcare Flora Database.

Other volunteer work involved maintaining the Roleybushcare web site and promotion of our work in the community on preventing jarrah dieback. A special thank you goes to Sue at Roleystone Hardware who hires out our dieback kits as well as giving advice on treatment of trees and grass trees.

And of course there is the dedicated group of volunteers who provide the delightful morning teas at our field days. 

By volunteering, not only do you learn how to stem-inject trees and protect our bush reserves, you can also borrow Roleybushcare’s equipment to treat your own trees. Trees susceptible to jarrah dieback need to be treated every five or six years.

So, quite a range of different voluntary activities and if any take you fancy then find out more by coming along to one of our field days.