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Below is a sample of one of our plants showing all the information available.
Botanical Family:  Thymelaeaceae
Botanical Genus:  Pimelea
Botanical Species:  spectabilis
Common Names:  Bunjong
Category:  shrub - large, shrub - medium
Flower Colour:  white, pink
Flowering Time:  Sep to Nov
Dieback Resistant:  ?
Native to Roleystone/Karragullen: yes
Native to area within 5 km of Roleystone/Karragullen: yes
Pimelea spectabilis is an erect shrub, 0.5-2 m high. Leaves are a narrow oval shape, 25-35 mm long x 3-5 mm wide, and are flat. The flowers are bisexual and clustered in semi-spherical heads at the end of branchlets. The flowerheads are cupped by 4-6 yellowish green and red bracts 20-27 mm long. Individual flowers are white and pink; they are hairy on the outside and hairless on the inside; the floral tube is 13-16 mm long and sepals about 4.5 mm long; the stamens are longer than the sepals and the style projects from the floral tube. The fruit remains enclosed in the base of the floral tube until it dries out and becomes brown with remnant long hairs in the upper part. Grows in lateritic soils and gravel.
Found in Reserves:
Banyowla Regional Park, Korung National Park, Midgegooroo National Park, Stinton Cascade, Sylvania, Thomas Price, Warwick Savage, Winstanley, Wungong Regional Park