Location: Simons Drive, Roleystone

Assessment No: 156904

Comments: Gates are at each entry. Beautiful bushland but had an area in the centre that was degraded with large dumpings of soil left by developers of the roads. In 2014 Roleybushcare secured the funds from the City of Armadale to clear the debris.

History: This Reserve was once part of a larger parcel of land owned by the Savage Family.

Warwick Savage Park is a small reserve (11 ha) situated on Simons Drive in Roleystone that was acquired by the City of Armadale from the Savage family in 1983. The main entrance is near the sign at the Irymple Road end of Simons Drive; park on the edge of Simons Drive and walk up the track. It is also possible to enter from a track near the other end of Simons Drive; from one side of Simons Drive to the other is about 500m. Most of the reserve is beautiful Jarrah-Marri forest typical of the Darling Range. Unfortunately, there is a large, degraded area in the centre of the reserve where soil and road materials were dumped in the past; this is gradually being re-vegetated by Roleybushcare in partnership with the City of Armadale. Seeds from dieback resistant trees were donated to Roleybushcare by Alcoa and have been propagated and planted in this cleared area to provide a future source of potentially dieback resistant Jarrah seed. Between the Jarrahs, understory plants raised from seeds collected in the reserve are being planted to restore the area to something resembling the original forest.

Over 170 species of plant have been identified in the reserve.

For a full list of the plants with photographs and their identifying features go to Roleybushcare’s Flora database here.

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