Assessment No: 156904
Planting: 2014 Council planted in the degraded area with Roleybushcare
2019 Council planted in the dergraded area with Roleybushcare. Seedlings were grown by our propagation team.

Gates are at each entry.
Good bushland but has an area in the centre that is degraded with large dumpings of soil left by developers of the roads. We hope this can be cleared so that a seed orchard can be set up in the future.
NOTE: 2014 Council has started clearing the debris.

Location: Simons Drive, Roleystone
Dieback Treatment: 12 Nov 2006
21 Sep 2008
19 Oct 2008
13 Oct 2013 treated trees on north west side
9 Mar 2014 treated trees on north east side
13 April 2014 treated trees on south east side
History:                          This Reserve was once part of a larger parcel of land owned by the Savage Family.

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